Privacy Policy

Vodafone Limited (“Vodafone”) supported by TLC Marketing Limited (“TLC” and “We”) will process personal data in order to provide you with the services.

This policy sets out how TLC uses (and protects) personal information – including information from the use of our website and participating in promotions organised by Vodafone.

For information on how Vodafone processes personal data when providing you with connectivity services please see

TLC uses and stores personal information for the following purposes –

If we collect information for one purpose and then intend to use it for a different purpose, we will seek your consent to do so and/or inform you where necessary or appropriate.

TLC will only disclose any personal information to organisations outside of TLC –

We might transfer your personal information to places outside the European Economic Area and store it there where we or organisations we work with might process it. If that happens, we or the organisations we work with will apply the same security standards as when we process your information in the EEA.

Website visitors and people engaging with products, services or promotions

It is necessary for the products, services and promotions we provide for TLC to use and store personal information. We are committed to the privacy of every individual who visits our sites or sites we operate on behalf of a client, responds to our interactive advertisements and other communications or engages with our products services or promotions. We are also committed to transparency about how we use personal information and informing people of their rights in relation to the use and storage of personal information. More information about your rights is available at the end of this policy.

Types of personal information and how we collect it

Why we collect your personal information and how we use it

The information we hold on you will be used in different ways. Here are the main ones:

Specifically, we use your information we collect in the following ways -

To carry out our business and to provide a service, product or promotion or carry out a contract with you -